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By downloading the videos, I could follow this Captivate course while commuting in the train, which is an enormous gain of time for me! Of course, the series does not cover the new features of Captivate 7, but it is not the main intent of it anyway.

For a Captivate beginner, It really makes no difference, and this training is a great investment even if you use Captivate 7 3 Lots of room for practice and self exploration The bundle you download from the Packt website not only contains the videos, but also all the sample files discussed by Anita during the training.

This gives you the opportunity to get you hands dirty as you follow along with the videos. Anita has also done a great job in giving you access to some extra exercises that you can do on your own. I must admit I had some trouble understanding the actual structure of the downloaded package and how to use the exercises, maybe a more detailed user guide is needed from Pack , but once you get the trick, you can really get some great added value out of the videos doing the exercises.

But the video format gives you a chance to pause, rewind a resume as you see fit! This makes your learning experience a very personalized experience and, that is a good thing.

July This article appears to contain a large number of buzzwords. There might be a discussion about this on the talk page. Please help improve this article if you can. March Adobe Captivate release August The release of Adobe Captivate adds new features including creating Virtual Reality VR projects for immersive eLearning, creating interactive videos for your demos, enhancements to Fluid Boxes, Live Device Previews for your VR projects and responsive courses, smart video recording that includes your webcam feed, and converting your PowerPoint presentations to responsive projects.

Adobe Captivate release April The release of Adobe Captivate adds new features including improvements in responsive design through the use of Fluid Boxes and text scaling, the ability to save legacy non-responsive projects as responsive, integration of Adobe's Typekit to increase the range of fonts available to users, and the ability to customize closed captioning Adobe Captivate 9 August Adobe Captivate 9 adds new features including multi state objects, improved effects and motion paths, creating a content draft on an iOS device, and publishing to the new Adobe LMS known as Captivate Prime.

Adds the integration of eLearning Brothers Templates. Enhanced accessibility support. Demo, then Training practice , then Assessment test. The Assessment requires the learner to click through the steps without any hints, and it is set up to report each correct click as a point. But the lesson will not proceed until you finally click the correct command, whereupon you receive a point for your correct answer, and the assessment proceeds.

To get an accurate score on an Assessment simulation, you have to set each click box—the clickable object that makes the software simulation advance—to allow only 1 attempt. Then set the No. Still on the Actions tab, in the Reporting section, select Include in Quiz. Assign the number of Points you want 1 works fine , and then select Add to Total.

For the Reporting settings, once you have set them for one click box, you can use the fly-away menu next to the Reporting heading to update all of your click boxes:


Adobe Captivate 7: Notes Interaction

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