Autodesk AutoCad MEP 2012 64 bit

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Mar 27, When trying to start any product in the AutoCAD family of products i. Layouts Service Pack 2 Error message appears in command line after renaming the layout tab when sheet set manager is opened. Modify AutoCAD may become unstable when editing polylines.

NCOPY may fail to copy objects contained in blocks that were inserted into paper space. Mtext Service Pack 1 Mtext Paragraph spacing value cannot be edited once a value is set. True Type TTF font text or mtext is blurry, bold, and distorted when the viewport is non-orthogonal because XY values are not exactly zero. When using Osnap, then selecting a line with a grip, then stretching by entering an exact distance may not yield the expected length.

AutoCAD may become unstable when selecting the grid in some drawings. Service Pack 2 AutoCAD may become unstable when opening drawings with possible corrupt array entities. Parametric Drawing Area is wrong when coincident constraints are applied to entities. Performance Service Pack 1 Drawings containing many layers may become slower with each pan and zoom operation when the ribbon is active.

Plot You may experience data loss when sending multiple plots to Xerox printers. AutoCAD may become unstable when selecting plot preview. Purge AutoCAD may become unstable when using the purge command. Ribbon Service Pack 1 The linetype preview may be missing from the linetype dropdown in Ribbon Properties panel when opening drawings from the Application Menu.

Snaps Service Pack 1 With Snap enabled, the cursor does not move to snap intervals. AutoCAD may become unstable when working with joined splines. Tables Cell style is grayed out when picking inside any cell. The data link menu is grayed out after inserting a data link in a table.

Tool tips Customized Tooltips fail to be aligned by rows. AutoCAD may become unstable in group selection where the group contains a box. When objects are on locked layers you are able to nudge them. When right click menus are disabled, selection or crossing right click actions are incorrect.

Autodesk AutoCad MEP 2012 64 bit


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