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Whenever I try to record my voice it crashes, it works after I open it though. A suggestion I have is being able to write lyrics inside of the app, that would be so cool. If buy flstudio report your problems there, we will work with you to fix them. This is just as good as fl studio for pc if not better because it has the convenience of the built-in keyboard available on the smart phone and or tablet.

I literally recorded and composed an buy flstudio cd using nothing but fruit loops studio mobile. I have the paid version. Thanks fl studio!!! Dont listen when ppls say that garage buy flstudio is better, bahahahathey are either lazy and willing to settle buy flstudio basement garage recordings over some sold-out commercial beat, or simply haters.

But could be buy flstudio This is one of my favorite iOS music apps to use. This could be so much better though. Very simple interface and is much easier to use then Buy flstudio or beatmaker.

Though some features that are lacking are needed! Drawing in automation data is needed. Side buy flstudio compression is also needed. MIDI effects like scales and keys would be very helpful. Being able to load midi data in an individual track would be nice so I could load multiple midi into one song. Also having synths like sytrus and buy flstudio would be nice. You only have one custom synth and would be nice to buy flstudio more.

All of these samples and my sample get a little boring after a while. Some updates for the audio effects would be good too.

More options on reverb. I would pay like 50 dollars for these things and this would instantly be the best iOS music making app on the market. Please don't change the interface though, as is very easy and efficient to use. Hopefully these will be added soon because then this buy flstudio the only app I would be using!

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