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Print Email If you are familiar with our blog, you'll know Microsoft Autoroute features heavily in our route planning and navigation. Last year I spent the best part of a day compiling and formatting a data set in Microsoft Excel for use with Autoroute. Overlines of information were formatted as hyperlinks to take you direct to where the information was displayed online from several sources. It has been downloaded more than 10, times - so at least I know I'm Microsoft AutoRoute 2010 Europe activator alone. If you were one of them - Microsoft AutoRoute 2010 Europe activator complete the poll at the bottom of this blog post and let me know if you'd download a version. However on the 31st December you will no longer be able to buy Microsoft Autoroute via the online Microsoft Store. It also seems that all of the CD copies have dried up too and so if you want it you need to act fast, buy online and once downloaded ensure you backup the installation files as I'm not sure you'll be able to access them again. The feedback and enthusiasm from our users have helped make Microsoft travel planning software a leading solution for nearly twenty years. The retirement of these products will not affect software already installed. If it was purely navigation you are after then I concede that there are better devices or software available to perform that task. However if you want to handle a lot of POI Point of Interest data Microsoft AutoRoute 2010 Europe activator several sources in a single screen and have full control over those data sets there isn't really a piece of software which can deliver this in the same way. I've always said that a 'Sat Nav' is great at telling you where you are going - but not so great at telling you where you are in relation to points of interest and I don't like the way in which high volume data is formatted and displayed on these devices. In addition, how many times has your TomTom Microsoft AutoRoute 2010 Europe activator Garmin deviated you off a main road just to 'cut off a corner'?


Offline GPS navigation Windows 7 netbook driving using AutoRoute2010 offline Europe map

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