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You have to think about what you want to show and present. Analyze the nature of the materials you are going to use — rendering machines are trying to simulate reality, accordingly they are imitating their presence in certain situation.

Reconsider things like reflection, patterns of the surfaces, density, transparency etc. Choosing of colors — Sometimes, the wrong colors can make our work seem incomplete or sometimes the hours and hours of working are just invisible.

Choose colors and materials wisely, so anyone can distinguish the ambient of the interior. Your rendering should transport your idea and not confuse. Regard all the lights in the scene — There is a huge difference between doing a daylight render and the night time one. However, you should always bear in mind that playing with lights whether natural or artificial is actually what makes a great render differ from the one which is not so good.

Use external materials, textures and objects — It is important to say that ARCHICAD is a BIM software, which purpose is to make architectural projects which are ready to be built, not primarily to make beautiful architecture visualization. Undoubtedly, this is an amazing software where you are able to make a great interior scene to present your design and creativity, but if you really want something stunning you should use some tricks — external resources for materials, textures and objects.

Now, we are coming straight to the point, how to make a stunning interior architectural rendering. Firstly, we are going to speak about daylight renders and the right setting of the sun, and afterwards, a bit complicated but more than interesting — night scenes.

Firstly, set up the scene — choose the elements of the design, objects and add whatever you consider as essential part of the scene. Put the right camera angle, which will show all the relevant information and hide any potential weaknesses of the project. This makes everything clear very quickly and enables every party involved to understand exactly what the plan is.

With this tool, everyone is able to view the model from their own location and find all the ins and outs of the model quickly. In this manner, the parties that have a less extensive technical knowledge also get an accurate view of the project. All relevant details can be clarified in an unprecedentedly easy manner. This gives everyone a good view of the project and its progress.

For you as a professional, this viewer offers another massive advantage. Simply put: Thus, this online viewer will save you both time and money! Rapidly convert your 3D models Another major benefit of this 3D viewer is the possibility to rapidly convert your 3D models. With our converters and plugins, we are able to rapidly turn these 3D models into a Xuver. After this step, this file can be uploaded into our Backend System, which turns it into a beautiful 3D visualization. You 3D models will come to life and after mere moments you can already walk through your 3D model in the online viewer.

Would you like to learn more about the conversion process? Please read our FAQ. Who can use the online viewer? But who exactly can use this online 3D model viewer? Since Xuver specializes in innovative visualization solutions, it has been an incredible journey for us to create the very first complete online viewer. The result of our efforts is a great versatile tool that is not only accessible but easy-to-use.

It can be used by professionals, hobbyists as well as clients and contractors. This online viewer has many uses and perhaps an even greater target audience. In the list below we will explain a few of these for you. However, this is only a small part.

If your profession is not listed, you can always contact us. We are always willing to advise you how this handy tool can be useful for you! The online architect Perhaps the most obvious target audience for this online viewer: This group of professionals requires a way to show 3D models easily to clients or contractors. That is possible with this online 3D model viewer.

Our Archicad plugin makes sure that this group is able to convert their 3D models in a quick and effective manner. The modern real estate agent In a competitive market in which targets are key and real estate is being sold before it is actually built, our viewer offers a solution. With this viewer, you can plan viewings remotely.

Simply send potential buyers the secure HTML-link, after which everyone can access the premises from their own location and browser. Interior designers, interior architects and hobbyists The aforementioned are of course not the only ones who use 3d models on a regular basis.

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Oct 4, - To purchase GRAPHISOFT products or for country specific information you can contact your country representative: pvprmz.me Architecture and design students are entitled to receive the fully functional education version of ArchiCAD for free. Download the day version right away and. Apr 26, - ArchiCAD does not release its official pricing online. The rental license allows you to buy the ArchiCAD license for a certain period of time.

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