Can you still buy SpeedGrade CC 2014?

Mobile-to-desktop Incorporation of mobile products into the production pipeline has become an important theme for Adobe. For Premiere Pro CC users, this primarily involves two products: Premiere Clip is a lightweight video editor for smartphones. Shoot your video on your phone and start cutting. Now Premiere Pro allows you to import Premiere Clip projects so you can continue cutting there.

With a Creative Cloud subscription you can access your own library, as well as shared libraries created by other users. It will analyze the color tonality of any photo in 3D color space on your smartphone and turn that into a 3D LUT color look-up table. Adobe Hue CC displays this analysis in the form of floating color bubbles over the image. You can rotate the cloud of bubbles on your smartphone screen to change the relative values of the selected colors.

It combines several color grading functions into a single, multi-tabbed interface panel. These controls are accessible through either the standard Effect Control panel or the separate Lumetri Color panel. The best part is that you can keyframe all of the functions. With either control panel you get a set of task-specific color wheels and curves. When the color workspace is activated, the display automatically docks the Lumetri Color panel, along with a new set of high-resolution, real-time videoscopes brought over from SpeedGrade.

Some of these, like the SpeedLooks options, work in two steps for the best results. Both generic. Editorial enhancements There are a number of improvements that editors will appreciate. Workspace selections are now grouped across the top of the viewers.

These presets can be customized according to your needs. One new marquee effect is Morph Cut, which is intended to make jump cuts in interviews appear seamless. If the frame size and position matches, the person is largely in the exact same spot, and they paused mid-sentence at the cut, then Morph Cut works quite well. Morph Cut requires analysis before being applied, which can proceed in the background.

A few of the less obvious improvements include trimming and timeline scrolling. These came with prior versions, but are still worth noting. You can now loop the trim window and make trim adjustments, which are dynamically updated. The point at which you stop the playback is the point to which the cut is then updated.

The timeline will scroll smoothly or page as you play, depending on your preference. Auto-selection of clips is new with Creative Cloud As you move through the timeline, the playhead auto-selects the clips that it is parked over, based on the enabled target tracks.

After Effects got a huge update with CC Playback in After Effects is now as easy as a spacebar tap. This will be in near real-time after caching, complete with audio. You can make dynamic changes without stopping playback. As you loop the playback, these changes are quickly re-cached.

The bottom line for editors is that After Effects now finally becomes a more interactive tool that fits with the temperament and workflow of most editors. When you send a set of clips from Premiere Pro to After Effects using Dynamic Link, those clips are replaced with an After Effects composition on the timeline.

If you have a lot of compositions in the timeline, it can become bogged down. You are no longer having to access dynamic After Effects compositions, thus returning real-time playback to normal.

In the CC versions, color corrections applied in SpeedGrade show up as a Lumetri effect applied to the clip or adjustment layer when you send it back to Premiere Pro.

The same is true going back to Premiere Pro. Yet, Premiere Pro seems about the same. During the testing period, when I had installed CC preview versions alongside CC applications, SpeedGrade was extremely unstable on both Macs. Other Since After Effects is integral for many editors, a few more features are worth noting.

New in CC is a Face Tracker. This is a simple mask based on identifying points on the face, like eyes, pupils, mouth and nose. It will even track exaggerated mouth movements without frame-by-frame adjustments. This is a very useful tool for locking an object to head movement or facial blurs to protect identity.

As the name implies, this is an application that enables you to create 2D character animation. Facial tracking technology can be used to animate the characters according to prerecorded tracking data, as well as to live, real-time tracking. For example, a webcam could be used to animate the characters live, complete with lip-sync. Animation passes can be recorded and edited for a complete production featuring multiple interactive characters.

This release has a number of large and small upgrades that will make editors and compositors quite happy. I like the direction Adobe has taken. It just reiterates that the designers are working hard to integrate user input and build upon the professional momentum that Adobe has earned to date.

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Can you still buy SpeedGrade CC 2014?

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