By and large, the raw footage is usually unwatchable in some way. I previously reviewed Mercalli in after a long tour with a camera in an open-cockpit aircraft and a lot of wind buffeting to deal with.

In the intervening years, the explosion of action-cam video has made stabilization software something that just about all of us need at one point or another. If you have read my reviews of several other ProDAD applications or used any of them you will be instantly familiar with the interface that greets you upon opening the app. For some reason, ProDAD totally eschews the use of the standard Windows interface in favor of their own method.

I have written before about some of the interface shortcomings, not the least of which is this: Please, ProDAD, fix this! OK, enough griping for now. However, unless you purchase a turnkey aerial photo solution, making and tuning a working platform is not a trivial endeavor. The results were not pretty: Check THIS out: It might not be perfect, but it is an astounding increase in quality and while it may look like it, that clip is NOT in slo-mo. This is not a fast process, but it does max out the processing capability of the host computer I tested on my quad-core Asus I7 laptop.

In testing, when the software was making a CMOS map the analysis times were often in excess of an hour for clips of less than a minute — an issue that discourages tweaking and experimenting, which getting the best results will demand. If you do choose to tweak, there is a panel with sliders for each and every parameter you could want to adjust. Watch the top and bottom of the frame immediately as the bike jumps the log.

You can easily see the limits of the frame that the program zooms in past to stabilize the shot. Additionally, the software allows the user to create split-screens at any time, to demonstrate the amount of correction.

This version is a totally stand-alone application, which I feel reduces the usability. And continuing a trend that seemingly all software manufacturers are falling prey to, Mercalli Labs 4. I find this trend totally disheartening, especially when programs like this can be so powerful with the right knowledge in the right hands. But the potential is undeniable, especially in the enormous strides the program has made in the realm of CMOS jitter and jello correction.

Nothing else of value has changed hands.


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