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The wall continues to crumble. As we have discussed in the past, the terror that once accompanied the capitalization of audio-post tools has evaporated.

True, technology that relies on dedicated hardware to assemble audio, marry it to picture, add effects, and make detailed edits can still rack up the zeros on your credit card, but even the most expensive digital audio workstation will set you back only a fraction of the cost of its predecessors. When Steinberg released Nuendo now in its fourth iteration close to a decade ago, the company burst through a barrier. Steinberg proved that off-the-shelf computers had become powerful enough and stable enough to handle high-pressure sessions without risking catastrophic failure.

Given its target audience you, the esteemed videographer who — being the possessor of two ears as well as a couple of eyes — wants to establish bona fides as an audio post pro , we were duly impressed. So why would Adobe release a significant update a paid one, at that to Audition at this time?

Is it something that you should consider adding to your studio? Think of it this way: On the other hand, Adobe has set an ambitious goal with Audition 3, which, due to its ancestral relationship to Cool Edit Pro, is only available as a Windows application. By including MIDI functionality; a far deeper set of effects and signal processors augmented by its ability to integrate third party plug-ins ; and Loopology, a collection of thousands of waveforms organized as individual tracks into complete audio sessions; Adobe is essentially offering Audition 3 as Digidesign Pro Tools, or Nuendo, for CS3.

Mercifully, Adobe does not require any dongle or iLok authorization. My 80GB C-drive is getting a bit cramped for space, so I threw the Loopology files onto another one and opened up the application. The application understood my hardware connections on its own. Audition 3 is one of many affordable, high-quality audio interfaces that integrate audio for the non-expert, so it should route audio throughout your studio without any problem.

If you have dual monitors, you can select that option to maximize your flow. Of course, automating the entire length of an audio clip is no problem. I was quite impressed with the Radius time-stretching feature in Audition 3, which Adobe licensed from iZotope. I experimented with one of the Loopology sessions that ship with Audition 3, and I was able to change the original tempo of 86 beats per minute bpm all the way up to about bpm before any noticeable artifacts were introduced.

All of these plus any third-party plug-ins you own can be organized into a mastering rack and saved for future recall. The same goes for the Guitar Suite. Not bad at all, but outstanding guitar amplifier simulation packages are on the market. On the other hand Wait, how many hands have we used so far? Although it may come in a close second in terms of its ability to hone in on a specific frequency band when compared to a dedicated waveform editor such as Steinberg WaveLab 6, the surgery that you can perform using the multiple views that are offered here is quite detailed.

Adobe was kind enough to send me a few clips and some tips on how to work on them. A snare-drum WAV file had an annoying whistling sound. Using the Spectral Frequency display, I was able to select the offending frequencies and, using the healing brush a cloying term , banish them. So far, so good, but expected. The next example, however, really impressed me. It contained some offensive guitar notes in an otherwise well-recorded rhythm-section track.

Switching over to Spectral Pan display made all the difference in the world. The guitar part had been panned to one side, and thus, it was easier to identify, isolate, and obliterate using this view.

Dedicated audio editors wanted nothing to do with the performance-related tools that lowly musicians — another important company contingent — clamored for. In an effort to please both groups, Adobe decided to make MIDI tracks available, but tuck them away from the main multitrack view.

Creating a MIDI track is simple enough, but it took longer than is normal for other applications. Within this view, you select your keyboard controller as MIDI input, along with the channel it sends on.

From that point, a plug-in manager detects the VST plug-ins that are part of your system, and you decide which of them you want to make available to Audition. You can also route any hardware synthesizers you may own into the system. For example, you must be in the Sequencerwindow to enter record mode. Not a big deal, but if a musician is working in multitrack view, he or she would like to be able to record without having to open another window.

In short, MIDI is an add-on for customers who need it, but it is hardly the area in which Audition 3 shines most brightly. A nice inclusion. What can you say about a product that costs so little and offers so much? The spectral-editing component of Audition 3 makes it a compelling product. If, on the other hand, you do not use CS3, and your budget allows you to consider similar products that are a bit pricier, you may want to shop around before making a purchase.

Regardless, Adobe deserves high marks for making Audition 3 available to its customers.

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adobe audition 3

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