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Autodesk Smoke Quick Review Autodesk Smoke software latest version price Nov Autodesk Smoke Quick Review Written by Tweet Smoke Autodesk Autodesk Smoke is one of the few editing systems that can work at almost any resolution and has extensive 3D compositing capabilities, but what is it actually like to work with? Before I go any further I should point out that I used to be a Smoke product specialist until but a lot of things have changed in ten years. Smoke is now a completely different animal. Then in Smoke was released as a software only package for the Mac and in the last couple of years it has been enhanced and upgraded to take advantage of the latest Mac hardware like the new Mac Pro. Autodesk has also been steadily adding to the toolset, with many new features in the latest version. So what can Smoke do? You can import material in a mixture of formats, resolutions and bit depths and mix them in your project and on your timeline. Your projects can be created at resolutions up to 8K by 8K and at 8, 10, 12 or bit colour depths, but within those Autodesk Smoke software latest version price you Autodesk Smoke software latest version price complete flexibility to create timelines and media at different resolutions and bit depths and to output content at those settings. This makes Smoke ideally suitable for versioning, where you may have to create multiple versions of your edit at different sizes and colour depths. In fact the latest version supports many of the effects in a FCPX XML export so you can assemble the timeline in Smoke and many of the settings are already applied. The user interface and the way you can work in the timeline is pretty much industry standard, with a lot of functionality identical to working in Final Cut, indeed you can even load the Final Cut Hotkeys if you wish. Timelines have multiple video and audio tracks and you can have multiple timelines active at the same time, so again it makes versioning very simple. Where Smoke comes into its own though is with compositing and FX. ConnectFX allows you to add node-based compositing to the clips in your timeline, with a palette of tools that have come from Flame, and a true 3D environment that allows you to combine video, graphics, 3D models and lighting effects in a completely freeform manner. These node-based effects are all processed at bit Floating Point so there is no visible degradation of your material, no matter how complex you make the FX, and they can easily be saved and applied to other media. One Autodesk Smoke software latest version price the new features is a 3D tracking node which makes it possible to analyse shots and extract the camera motion so that you can then add elements seamlessly into the shot. Check out the video below:

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