BusyMac BusyCal Software Prices

Your existing BusyCal 2 data will be upgraded to BusyCal 3. If you purchased BusyCal on or after March 1, , the upgrade is free. How to qualify for BusyCal 3 upgrade pricing BusyCal 3 upgrade pricing is available to all customers exclusively on the BusyMac Store , whether you previously purchased direct or from the Mac App Store.

If you install BusyCal 3 over your existing BusyCal 2 installation, the software will detect that you are eligible for upgrade pricing. This option will work for customers who purchased direct as well as those who those who purchased on the Mac App Store.

Alternatively, you can purchase the BusyCal 3 upgrade from the BusyMac Store by entering the email address you used to purchase your existing BusyCal license. If a record of your purchase is found in our system, an email will be sent to you with a link to purchase the upgrade. If a record of your previous purchase is not found, please contact us for help.

Upgrading to BusyCal 3 for Mac App Store customers The process of qualifying for upgrade pricing outlined above will work for those who purchased direct as well as those who purchased from the Mac App Store.

If you purchased from the Mac App Store and the above process is not successful at identifying you as an existing customer, please email us one of the following forms of proof of purchase, and we will send you a link to purchase the upgrade. Because BusyCal uses the same underlying technology as BusySync, you can freely mix and match the two, although only one or the other can run on any given Mac. As much of an improvement as it is on iCal, BusyCal can do better in some areas.

For example, it offers read-only access to CalDAV and Exchange calendars whereas iCal lets you write to them too , has minimal AppleScript support compared with iCal, and does not offer calendar groups. It also lacks the kind of mini-month view iCal has. BusyMac says calendar groups and mini-month views will be available soon in a free upgrade, that improved AppleScript support is planned, and that write support for CalDAV and Exchange is under consideration.

But considering how much better BusyCal is in virtually every other area, these are minor complaints. The program is overkill for users with simple calendaring needs who have never found iCal limiting, but for anyone who needs to share calendars or wants a wider range of scheduling options, BusyCal is an ideal choice.

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BusyMac BusyCal 1.0

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BusyMac BusyCal Software Prices

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