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Coreldraw It's not completely state-of-the-art as files can't be output in the latest Acrobat 5 format, but as Ventura doesn't offer control over the latest PDF features such as object transparency or text reflow, there would be little point.

Otherwise the ability to output exact electronic PDF versions of your publications is a huge advance whether intended for collaboration, for posting to the Web, for producing commercial print or as an alternative to print. It's taken so long to arrive that most Ventura users will already have gone down the Distiller route, but direct PDF support is undoubtedly a major advance.

Ventura 10 offers direct export to PDF. Ventura might be late to join the PDF bandwagon but it's determined not to be left behind in the next big-thing in DTP. That's why the feature that Corel is pushing most heavily for this latest release is Ventura's XML support. And with good reason. If XML eXtensible Markup Language lives up to the hype it's going to be the lingua franca of data exchange and publishing - and just about everything else. And the fundamental unit of XML is the content-based tag which should mean that Ventura, with its formatting-based tags, makes the perfect publishing partner.

Essentially the task boils down to importing your XML file or schema and then your publication's stylesheet and then mapping each XML element to the appropriate Ventura tag. As well as simple tag-to-tag mapping you can specify rules that depend on each XML element's attributes and position in the document tree and you can set structural tags that associate elements with frame, page or table tags.

XML import is handled through element mapping. So far so good, but what about when the XML file has loaded? Far worse, while you can reformat your document's tags, you can't apply new tags or even edit the text! Eventually I worked out that you can get around this by importing the XML to the text cursor, but then the link to the original XML is broken.

No problem you might think, just export the edited text, but here's the rub: It's a fundamental limitation and a big disappointment. Tag-based automatic layout can go a long way but it's very rare that you won't have to fine-tune a layout or correct a typo.

In other words without XML round-tripping you have to choose between embedding or editing. Having said this, it certainly doesn't mean that Ventura's XML import is useless. Once you've set up your mapping, the style-free XML is automatically converted to a fully-formatted high-impact document ready for electronic or paper-based publishing.

It's a perfect example of the benefits of Ventura's tag-based approach in action. Ventura 10's XML support is typical of the application as a whole. After so long, Corel's developers could certainly have done more, but they have done enough to show that there's still plenty of life left in the old stager. Ultimately though what really makes Ventura 10 stand out is the strengths it's always had.

The program includes a mapping editor for translating DTD files into Ventura tags see figure 1. Figure 1: From the Navigator window, you can check the state of all linked or embedded files and inspect their properties see figure 2.

Figure 2: The cool Navigator palette shows you all the elements in your publication in a neat hierarchical structure. Tags, or styles, are managed from a Tag window, a beautifully designed palette that lets you: Ventura supports both paragraph and character styles, as well as table styles as in FrameMaker , but goes one better with frame tags.

So, for example, if you have several types of containers for text or graphics, you can use frame tags to make them consistent. Figure 3: Ventura provides superb control over document elements such as frames and tables. Windows, Mac, Linux Price: If you have an active Internet connection, you can use the free Office Online instead.

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Like its earlier incarnations, Ventura Publisher 10 is immense in both size and scope. Weighing in at MB for a full install, this is not an application for dainty storage systems. Basically, XML eXtensible Markup Language is a system for organizing and tagging document elements headings, tables, and so on. XML is used extensively inside organizations that have multiple authors working on the same document. Unlike FrameMaker, which lets you create structured documents from scratch, define the elements that become part of a DTD, and work in either document or XML outline mode, Ventura merely allows you to import XML files.

Sure enough, not only can you control which commands appear on which menu and toolbar, you can also now save and exchange the customized workspaces that you create. You are also now able to dig right down and customize the text of the commands and tooltips and change, or even pixel edit, each icon.

If you're feeling reckless, you can even choose to make the menus semi-transparent. In other words you can do just about anything apart from switch off the command icons! Customization has been improved but the interface is largely untouched.

After such a long break away, the most immediately important new functionality for a DTP application is that it adds support for the latest file formats. Ventura has always prided itself on its close integration with word processors so the support for the latest WordPerfect and Word formats is crucial.

Even more welcome is the new ability to precisely control what happens to imported formatting, with options to ignore styles completely, to ignore style attributes or to ignore local attributes. Style handling is also more intelligent so that, if a style already exists, it is formatted according to the Ventura tag settings while, if it doesn't, an appropriately formatted tag is created. With over 40 import filters, Ventura's graphics support is even more comprehensive.

However the level of support is pretty mixed. I was impressed that I could import both Draw and Illustrator 10 files and break them up into separate editable objects but, under the late press beta, Photoshop PSD files were converted to grayscale while FreeHand 10 files were simply rejected.

If you embed your bitmap files rather than link to them, a whole range of new options opens up. Corel no longer includes a copy of Photo-Paint in the Ventura box WordPerfect has also been dropped , but it does make use of its Photo-Paint experience to provide a wide range of bitmap-based power.

There are over fifty new filters, making over a hundred in all, offering everything from advanced colour correction through to artistic stroke-based effects and 3D rotation. The creative options are enormous and having the power right there in your DTP application makes it much more likely that you will take advantage of them. Ventura offers plenty of global bitmap control.

In terms of formatting and layout, Ventura's design power derives from its use of tags which are controlled with the Tag Window docker. Most users will be used to the idea of paragraph and character tags from word processors though with features such as text angle and vertical justification settings, Ventura takes the control they offer onto a different level.

Just as importantly, it also offers Frame, Rules and Page tags so that all aspects of formatting and layout are brought under similar tight, but flexible, control.

Once your tags are set up and applied, it means that the document formatting and, where appropriate, reformatting becomes virtually automatic - though you can always override tag settings where necessary.


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