How much is Chief Architect Premier student edition?

It might not be suitable for designing a building entirely, but it is an excellent tool for rapidly prototyping a design when it is still at a conceptual stage. Sketchup offers a free tier, although it has limited features. You can download Sketchup here Other architecture software options to consider While we've featured some of the most powerful and popular AutoCAD and 3D design software programs in this roundup, especially for use in designing buildings and other architectural interests, there are plenty of alternative options to consider.

Some of these are worth looking at because they better serve as an introduction for beginners, while others are notable for being free while retaining useful features. Even so, it may be a good piece of software to try in order to simply get used to basic functions, though be warned that there are no command line options here which more advanced programs tends to offer. While it's not so feature-rich as the big paid-for programs, it is a well-supported platform and it does actually have some complex features to explore.

Furthermore, it offers cross-platform support, so you can use it regardless of whether your PC is running Windows, macOS, or Linux. SolidWorks is a powerful CAD program that manages to strike a balance between ease-of-use and advanced features.

There's still a learning curve, though it's not overly steep, and some of the nice touches here include a wizard that looks for structural weaknesses in designs.

However, it is a general 3D modeling tool rather than specific to architecture itself, so it might be better used for materials modeling rather than buildings.

Even so, this product carries a lower price tag than many of the rivals we've featured here, so may be worth a look. The educational institution must meet the requirements of a Qualified Educational Institution, as outlined above. Home school programs which belong to a nationally recognized home schooling body or recognized by a local school governing body as an acceptable alternative to an accredited educational institution may qualify for a student license.

If you are a Home School, please provide the documentation with your student license application. Do Student Licenses Expire? Student licenses expire 1 year from date of purchase. Students can apply for a subsequent year s subject to student license requirements. Can Academic School or Student licenses be used for commercial use? The academic software license is discounted for the purposes of educational use only.

The software includes an academic watermark. Which version of Chief Architect do schools and students receive? Is the software limited in any way? The Academic and Student versions are full, working, versions.

Layout pages include a watermark: Can I sell an Academic license? Can the software run on a network? Yes, School Lab Packs are designed for network environments.

Does the software require the use of a hardware lock?

how much is Chief Architect Premier student edition?

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