What is the price of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Enterprise

The changes include deletion of some old editions, and a new way of counting compute power. In all, the pricing alterations don't appear to substantially increase the cost of using SQL Server in most cases. SQL Server formerly code-named "Denali" promises self-service business intelligence features and other new capabilities when commercially launched. However, organizations still will have to figure out complicated licensing considerations and costs. Microsoft attempted to kick-start that effort by publishing its "SQL Server Licensing Datasheet" document this week, which can be downloaded here. The new SQL Server licensing model is based on an organization's computing power, number of users and use of virtualization. Beyond that, the devil lurks in the details. The bottom line appears to be that licensing costs apparently won't substantially change that much compared with SQL Server R2 licensing, except for Client Access Licensing CAL costs, which will be higher. Microsoft expects to release SQL Server in the first half of Rob Horwitz, research chair at the Directions on Microsoft independent consultancy, thinks the product may appear sometime in the second quarter of that year. Enterprise, Business Intelligence and Standard. The Enterprise edition is an all-inclusive product in terms of its features, and Microsoft is positioning it for "mission critical applications and large scale data warehousing" uses.

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Jul 31, - SQL Server Pricing and Licensing. Enterprise. Azure · AppSource · Automotive · Government · Healthcare · Manufacturing · Financial. Review Microsoft SQL Server licensing and pricing to find the perfect edition for your The Enterprise edition offers all product features and capabilities with no. Nov 5, - Standard Edition – $7, per processor (socket) Enterprise Edition – $28, per processor. Datacenter Edition – $57, per processor. Parallel Data Warehouse Edition – $57, per processor (but you'll be buying this in combination with hardware anyway).

what is the price of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Enterprise


Installing Sql Server 2008 Enterprise Edition

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