Windows Server 2012 Essentials setup

Figure 2 All in all, it makes for a quick and easy experience. A true hybrid cloud, however, can be complicated to implement and manage, and may be beyond the budgets of most small businesses. Properly implemented, it can provide the best of both worlds. Remote access With a few high-profile exceptions such as Yahoo, companies of all sizes are embracing the idea of telecommuting and remote access. Many studies have shown that employees who work part- or full-time from home tend to be happier in their jobs and more important, they work more hours and are more productive. The company also benefits from the cost savings of reduced office space needs and all the attendant expenses that go with maintaining a large on-premises workforce. Supporting remote workers requires the ability to access shared files that employees need to collaborate on projects. A remote access solution is essential for pretty much all businesses today. RWA makes things easier both for the IT admin and for the small business users. Instead, they can log on to a web-based interface using almost any device — PC, laptop, tablet, or smart phone. The My Server app is a touch-friendly interface for performing some administrative tasks. Recently accessed files 7 days are available offline you can change this caching period. Some of these tasks require administrative access. There is also a Windows Phone app for those using Windows Phone 8 mobile devices. Data protection Business continuity and disaster recovery is just as important for small businesses as for enterprises — perhaps even more so, since many small businesses are operating on a much thinner margin. Windows Server R2 Essentials lets you configure server backups with a simple wizard interface.

Server 2012 Essentials VPN Fails to Configure

Sep 21, - Windows Server Essentials and Windows Server It may be installed on Foundation, but only in a workgroup configuration. Aug 31, - We are running a greenfield Windows Server Essentials with Exchange on-premises setup this weekend. After setting the server's IP to. Apr 3, - With Windows and R2 it's possible to install the Windows Server Essentials Dashboard as a Role. Discover how with this tutorial.

Windows Server 2012 Essentials setup

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