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The new menu system also supports a search feature, allowing you to find all of the pre made, and self made filters quickly. Accompanying the visual workflow is your Recently Used tab, making it so re-using presets you just created incredibly easy. With this tab always open, I'm able to quickly go through and recreate some of the filters I used for an entire set of photos.

Batch Processing Perhaps the greatest thing about the new Exposure 5 is the batch processing. By making the software work in Lightroom, Aperture and Standalone, Alien Skin was able to make batch processing a possibility.

This means you can easily open a bunch of photos, and go through them one by one to edit them how you see fit with a timeline on the bottom. No more opening and closing the program 40 times to get the same effect or different on all your photos. This works great for Lightroom and on the stand alone program, but it appears that it does not work yet for Photoshop, as you can typically only work on one photo at a time. New Flares Another wonderful feature within Exposure 5 is the new sun flares.

Not only do they look great, but they're fairly customizable within the dialog as well. Working much like the Light Leaks did in Exposure 4, you have many different flares to choose from, able to alter their position and opacity.

However it seems that they got rid of the randomize feature found in Exposure 4 Or true randomization at least , which is unfortunate. Fortunately, I can still have Exposure 4 installed, and intend on using that for the random light leak features. So is Exposure 5 Worth the Upgrade? In short, yes. The new interface, features, and standalone product make this a must have for those looking to get those wonderful film presents with ease. Visual Workflow makes quickly viewing different features easy.

Still understandably clunky during batch processing. Alien Skin Exposure has been a long time plugin that I've used. Infact, its about the only plugin I even have installed in Photoshop. Not only is the new upgrade a great update to an already wonderful program, but it's currently very affordable to those looking to upgrade.

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Could Alien Skin Exposure X4 Be The Best Lightroom Alternative?

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