Buying Older Version of progeCAD 2016

You may also want to check Buying Older Version of progeCAD 2016 on current versions on autodesk's homepage. Are you aware of other competing products currently on the market for less, that are roughly comparable with AutoCAD ?

Your best bet is to go with new and current, get on a subscription, use it in "classic" mode, but teach yourself the new interface in your spare time Irish Even the local reseller couldn't give me the info I was looking for. I am a 1-man shop and all these "productivity" enhancements really Buying Older Version of progeCAD 2016 translate into actual savings when you factor in the learning curve, lost productivity while learning etc. Its a non-plus. Ease of use and intuitive tools Buying Older Version of progeCAD 2016 where its at for me.

I don't do large commercial projects so there isn't much in the way of collaboration except with my structural engineer and he doesn't care what I use. I also don't have to be using the latest and greatest but my version is getting to be a bit TOO old!

Right now I'm doing my research for what to move to when I do upgrade. I am also thinking that maybe LT would be best since I have other programs for any 3d work.

No Buying Older Version of progeCAD 2016 what I do it has to be legal and upfront but sometimes getting the Buying Older Version of progeCAD 2016 answers is harder than it should be!

Thank you everyone for your responses. They have been helpful. Brad The trick is to quickly figure out what to ignore or turn off, and what to spend a few hours learning in order to get a few days of benefit. C3D has been improved massively since I first bought C3D This year they finally went to true 64 bit so I can use all of my RAM. They also put in an intersection wizard last year that looks great, but I did not need it so I will wait for to arrive before I learn it. As for the Ribbon and other miscellaneous BS, turn it off or ignore it until there is free time for training.

With the economy being what it is, I have been doing a lot of free seminars, webinars, and tutorials lately as well as increasing my marketing activities by 10 fold. One other item to consider is the operating systems that eventually need to be upgraded due to hackers, viruses, etc. Old versions of software won't run on new operating systems. It is not because of LT, but my old QuickBooks I can't even reload it on new XP Pro 32 bit machine since Intuit won't provide the needed patches any more!

Now I have to purchase multiple copies of QuickBooks if I have some much as a hard drive crash and Norton Ghost screws me again.

Before you spend another dime on software, find another reseller. That is the very first info he should have offered. If he can't handle that, run away very fast.

progeCAD 2016 Professional

Aug 20, - I just want a caveman version for 2D drafting as I was last was using CAD Autocad and older won't (or may not) work on Windows One of the last softwares available for outright purchase I think it's like $ for. has potential to achieve equivalent outputs as autocad. There is a significant You want good and reliable? you buy autocad. You want cheap? you Dec 16, Verified order . Older ProgeCad worked much better. Useful. Share. Apr 19, - Try, believe and buy ProgeCAD Professional Software. (SL/NLM) – Upgrade from ProgeCAD INDIA or Old Versions, Rs.3,/- +.

Buying Older Version of progeCAD 2016


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