Compare prices ABBYY FineReader 12 and older versions

The software is all about turning scanned documents into searchable text. The process of recognizing the characters in an image and turning them into actual text is called OCR, or optical character recognition. You can learn more from this Wikipedia page. If you need to convert printed documents into digital files, or convert a printed book into an ebook, this can save a lot of typing time. Also, if your office is going paperless, applying OCR to scanned documents will make them searchable, which can be very useful when searching for the right document among hundreds of them.

He had consistently found it the best OCR app out there. FineReader looks for blocks of text within the document, and OCRs them.

From what I can tell at this stage, the document looks perfect. For a second test, I took some photos of four pages out of a travel book with my iPhone, and imported them into FineReader in the same way. Unfortunately the photos were a little unclear, as well as being quite skewed. I selected all four images using Command-click.

Alternatively I could have added the pages one at a time. My personal take: By dragging and dropping the page previews in the left panel, we can fix that. I tried a few options, and cropping the page gave it the cleanest look. The second page has some yellowing down the right margin.

The fourth page is the same, however the third page does include borders around some of the yellow design. I can select them, and press delete to remove them. I can draw a rectangle around the page number and change it to a Picture Area.

Now it will be exported. While the Windows version of FineReader has a range of editing and collaboration features, including redaction, commenting, track changes and document comparison, the Mac version currently lacks these.

However, FineReader Pro for Mac will allow you to rearrange, rotate, add and delete pages, and make adjustments to areas where the program recognizes text, tables and images. You can also export to Word. There are a number of export modes. In his review, TJ Luoma describes the most popular two: The exported PDF is perfect. The original scan was very clean and of high resolution.

Quality input is the best way to ensure quality output. I highlighted some text to show that OCR has been applied, and the document contains actual text. I also exported the document to an editable file type. Again, the results are perfect.

Next I tried a lower quality scan—the four pages from the travel book. Despite the low quality of the original scan, the results are very good. But not perfect. Notice in the right margin: The original scan is very unclear here. Use tools to discuss and make decisions directly in a PDF by marking up, commenting on, and drawing within a document. Mark up and annotate Conveniently annotate any part of a PDF text, images, a chart or a chart area, captions, etc.

Comment and discuss Exchange ideas and questions by commenting on any markups or replying to comments. Assign a status to each comment to create more transparency among the collaborators and better guide the discussion. Manage comments and accelerate decision making Search by keywords, sort, filter, and assign a status to comments.

Also, stamps can easily be added to designate the status of the whole document. Send documents for approval to others Share documents with various stakeholders and collect multiple digital signatures within the same PDF. Apply and verify digital signatures, redact sensitive information, remove hidden data, and manage access to your PDFs.

Redact sensitive information Prevent the disclosure of privileged or confidential information with a reliable redaction tool. Permanently and irreversibly remove sensitive information such as personal data, bank account numbers, etc.

Work efficiently by searching through and redacting the whole document within seconds. Remove hidden data Mitigate the risk of unintentionally sharing confidential information in a PDF by removing hidden objects and data with one click. You can remove text layers added by OCR, comments and annotations, attachments, bookmarks, metadata, links, media, actions, scripts, and form data. Apply password protection Manage access to PDF content with different levels of password protection that restricts either opening the document itself, or restricts actions with its content such as printing, editing or extraction of information.

Certify with digital signatures Sign PDFs with a digital signature certificate. In addition to a digital signature, you can create and insert a facsimile of your handwritten signature. Verify digital signatures in a PDF to ensure their authenticity and integrity. Create industry standard PDFs FineReader can create PDFs from more than 25 different file formats, directly from paper documents, or by using a PDF printer from almost any application with a print function.

Compare documents in different formats FineReader Corporate ONLY Quickly and reliably identify differences between two versions of a document across different formats, including scans. Rest assured that you can, in a fraction of the time, identify unauthorized changes, check if edits were implemented as agreed, or verify that the document has not been changed at all.

Compare documents quickly, reliably and effortlessly Avoid the long and tiresome process of comparing text in two documents line by line. FineReader PDF detects the differences between two versions of a document within seconds.

It accurately identifies relevant changes to the text without additional conversion steps, even if the versions of the document are in different formats such as Microsoft Office files, digital PDFs, scanned PDFs, or even scans and image files. Watch video Focus on the most important differences FineReader will only display the differences that affect the meaning of the document and disregard insignificant differences like formatting or line breaks.

You can even manually disregard differences that are not significant for your task, and they will no longer appear in the list of comparison results. Export and share the comparison results Tailor comparison results to your needs. When someone should approve or edit the changes, export to Microsoft Word in track-changes mode. Or use a PDF with the differences marked up as comments to share and discuss with others. You can even save a list of the differences themselves in a Microsoft Word table in order to have a brief overview for your records, reports, or discussions.

Compare multilingual documents FineReader supports text comparison in 38 languages, including documents written in multiple languages. Digitize paper documents and scans with OCR Leverage the digital workplace by digitizing paper and scanned documents for storage and quick, reliable retrieval or to instantly reuse and edit.

Experience the unparalleled accuracy of a market-leading, AI-based Optical Character Recognition OCR technology and see how it simplifies your paperwork.

ABBYY FineReader PDF

Compare Versions FAQ Where to buy? Tech Specs. Features. FineReader Sprint. FineReader 12 Professional. Document Recognition. Superior recognition accuracy Learn more about ABBYY FineReader 12 >> See also. ABBYY FineReader PDF software for efficiently working with documents – both PDFs and scans – in the digital workplace. FineReader Edit, convert, and compare PDFs and scans. Compare Versions FAQ Where to buy? Tech Specs. Features. FineReader Sprint Learn more about ABBYY FineReader 12 >> See also. ABBYY FineReader PDF software for efficiently working with documents – both PDFs and scans – in the digital workplace. ABBYY Compare Documents allows you to compare two versions of the same document, which need not be in the same format. ABBYY Compare Documents will help you quickly identify unwanted modifications to prevent you from signing or publishing the wrong version.

compare prices ABBYY FineReader 12 and older versions

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